International activity
Academic mobility
In the first year of study, students will be given the opportunity to undergo an internship in India (lasting from 1 to 3 months) to study English and certain special disciplines with the receipt of appropriate credit hours.

List of partner universities in India: TERI University (New Delhi); MEWAR University (New Delhi);
KIIT University (Bubaneswar, Orissa); APGShimla University (Himalayas).
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International programs "Double Degrees"
The International University of the Kyrgyz Republic provides training on the system of double diplomas for undergraduate and graduate programs. IUKR cooperates with universities and international organizations in the field of education, namely on double degree programs.

The training is carried out according to the system of credit technologies.
Full-time form of education.
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The following training options are offered:
  • (1 + 2 + 1) The first year of study at the MUK, the next 2 years at the partner's university and the last year of study at the MUK with the receipt of two diplomas;
  • (2 + 2) 2 years of study at the IUK and 2 years at a partner university (with the receipt of diplomas from two universities);
  • (3 + 1) 3 years of study at the IUK and 1 year at a partner university (with the receipt of diplomas from two universities)
International Department
Currently, the International University of Kyrgyzstan offers students the following types of programs:

Double Degree Program: The "Double Degree" program involves training in a foreign partner educational institution with the receipt of a diploma on completion of training in the educational program of this educational institution.
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