Kujawy and Pomorze University of Bydgoszcz began functiong in 2000. Currently, there are nearly 7,000 students trained at the undergraduate, engineering, graduate and postgraduate studies. According to the report by «Perspectives 2010», KPU occupies the 15th place among private universities of this type in Poland in terms of student number.

For 10 years KPU has gained the opinion of a reliable and friendly school for students. All specializations here have a positive opinion of the State Accreditation Committee, giving students a guarantee of a fair implementation of the program of study. Currently, the university offers 11 majors of study, including the most prestigious, i.e. law. KPSW is the only non-public school in the region and the second non-state school in northern Poland which fulfilled extremely difficult requirements of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the opening of this type of study.

A strong asset of KPU is its modern base with an area of several thousand square meters. The university is located in three major buildings located in the heart of the city, adapted to the needs of disabled people. The main campus is located on Toruńska Street. At their disposal, students have comfortable and well equipped lecture halls, a few assembly halls seating from 200 to 500 people, modern computer labs, gym, main library and reading room, a multimedia reading room with Internet access, cafes, buffets and a dormitory located in close proximity to other buildings of the university. They may also use the virtual deanery and the virtual library and they have universal access to the Internet on the campus Internet kiosks. The university runs its own Academic Internet Radio «Megaphone» and TV KPU where students have the opportunity to develop their interests and passions. For many of them radio and television are great places to undergo training. Foreign students also eagerly take advantage of this option. Last year students from Greece underwent training there and successive Greek students have already announced their arrival.

In the frames of the International Centre of Science and Education, one of the KPU units, there is the Centre for Foreign Students, which was opened especially for foreigners who are willing to study at KPU. International students feel comfortable here, as the Center provides them with professional service, offering, among others, the possibility of using the library (with entries about Poland, Bydgoszcz and the region, student’s books for learning Polish language, dictionaries, magazines, computers with access to the Internet), integration meetings carried out in English — Speaking Club, intercultural workshops, courses in Polish language and adaptive program.

KPU students belonging to the Integration Club in the Centre offer assistance in everyday matters, for example, they help foriegn students in adaptation process, organize trips and social events foor them, help them learn Polish culture, customs and history. The club provides an excellent opportunity to enter into international friendships and professional contacts, as well as helps all students improve their language skills and break down cultural stereotypes between nations. Apart from educational sphere, several attractions await students of KPU. The university organizes many workshops and courses, where students can gain additional skills and qualifications so that they become more competitive in the labor market. KPU has been supporting sports, especially basketball and canoeing. Our students are very eager to engage in various sports sections, existing within the Academic Sports Association of KPU. Every year, students participate in tournaments of basketball, volleyball and canoeing. Polish and foreign students also actively participate in activities related to volunteering and international scientific conferences on contemporary world problems such as the conference «Many cultures — one world.»

Kujawy and Pomorze University of Bydgoszcz has been awarded by various institutions and organizations, and highly evaluated in national and regional rankings of universities. For intstance, as a result of a very good cooperation with the city, the authorities of KPU received the Medal of Casimir the Great. This is the most prestigious award of the City Council of Bydgoszcz, admitted to the individuals and institutions who have significantly contributed to the development of the city. Among the awards that the university received in 2010 it is worth to appreciate the title of the winner in the contest «Good Scholarship» organized by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the My Scholarship Foundation. Among other public and private universities in the country, KPU won in the category «Scholarship programs of universities and secondary schools.» Last year, KPU has been awarded the certificate «Reliable School» for the sixth time. They are granted by the Academic Information Centre of Poznan, which examines four main aspects of the school activity: the intellectual strength of the university, educational offer, internationalization of the university, and friendly studiying possibilities.

For students and candidates who choose non-public higher education institution with the certificate «Reliable School», it is a guarantee that they chose the university, which operates in accordance with the law, has the appropriate educational base and provide its students with the appropriate conditions for studying. The results in the most popular rankings confirmed the high position of KPU in the region. In 2010, as it is clear from the report in «Perspectives 2010″, Kujawy and Pomorze University of Bydgoszcz was the most popular choice for non-public school candidates in Bydgoszcz. As a result of recruitment in 2009/2010 academic year, KPU was ranked at the ninth position in the country.

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Address: ul. Toruńska 55-57, budynek B, piętro III, pok. 307B
85-023 Bydgoszcz, 52 365 84 46, 52 365 84 27, +48 797 328 407


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Website: http://kpsw.edu.pl/uczelnia/oferta-dla-biznesu